National Honor Society

National Honor Society is a service organization devoted to scholarship, character, leadership and service. Members spend a year positively affecting the climate of the school, aiding students in their academic pursuits, helping organize school events, and giving back to the community through charitable service.  Members are expected to tutor fellow students, volunteer at school events, and donate time toward helping a charitable organization.


Students are selected for membership based upon four criteria:

  • scholarship
  • character
  • leadership
  • service

At the end of their 5th semester, members of the junior class who have been students at Ridge High School for at least one semester and:

  • have achieved either a cumulative unweighted grade point average of at least 3.50 or cumulative weighted grade point average of at least 3.850 and
  • have a disciplinary record reflecting academic and personal integrity,

will receive a letter mailed to their homes advising them that they are candidates for the National Honor Society.


In addition to meeting the academic criteria, National Honor Society requires its members to participate and lead activities both in school and in the community. Students wishing to pursue membership must complete a detailed application which includes:

  • School Activity Form: must describe participation in a Ridge High activity and have the adviser’s signature
  • Disclosure of US History required community service form
  • 2 Community Service Activity Forms: must describe community service-related activities in excess of the 25-hours required during US History
  • Evaluations submitted by Ridge Faculty regarding the student’s scholarship, character, leadership, and service.
  • Student’s resume.


Successful candidates must demonstrate varied interests in the completed forms. For instance, only one of the three may be an athletic activity or only one of the three may feature playing a musical instrument. While employment should be listed on the resume, jobs may not be used as one of the three documented activities.


Once chosen as a NHS member, students are required to continue acts of school and community service by:

  • volunteering at a charitable, non-profit organization for twelve hours or more;
  • volunteering in support of three different school functions such as back-to-school night, graduation, the various theater plays, dance performances, and music concerts; and
  • at least 5 hours of tutoring.


NHS membership is not guaranteed to anyone meeting the grade point average requirement. The final decision for admission is made by the faculty selection committee, which will review all applications and faculty evaluations. Students are advised by letter of the committee’s decision. Students involved in an incident(s) of academic integrity may be declared ineligible for or removed from National Honor Society.