Athletic Registration

Ridge High School has moved to electronic registration and submission of forms for all athletic programs. Students that intend to participate in Winter 2020 athletics at Ridge High School are asked to complete the following by November 12, 2020:

Step 1.Register Online via Genesis.
Login to your parent/guardian Genesis account and the FORMS tab. Open the RHS HS Winter Sports Participation 2020-21 form and register for the athletic team/program your child is interested in. 
You may also register your child for the Unified Sports Program at Ridge High School. After completing the consents within the form, download, complete and upload the required athletic physical forms as directed below for district review. 
If you want to save your work you can click the green "UPDATE ANSWERS" button.   
DO NOT check the FINALIZE box until you have uploaded all required documents. Once you finalize you will not be able to add to this form submission.

Step 2. Upload the appropriate Athletic Physical Form(s) to Genesis for review.
The NJ Athletic Pre-Participation Physical Form is required for any student that is registering for interscholastic athletic participation.  
The first page, The History Form, is completed by a parent/guardian. 
The following pages of the form must be completed by a NJ licensed physician, based on a physical examination that has been done within 365 days of the first tryout/practice. 
The form MUST have the physician's original signature and office stamp on the Clearance Page or it will be rejected. 
If the exam date is more than 90 days from the first tryout/practice, a Health History Update Form is also required. 
These forms must be downloaded, printed, completed by a parent/guardian and a physician and then uploaded to Genesis for district review. 
For Fall 2021 participation, the date of the exam must be after August 9, 2020 for Football and Tennis and after August 16, 2020 for all other Fall sports.
The Health History Update Form is required for any student that has an Athletic Pre-Participation Physical Form on file from a previous season with a date of examination that is within 365 days of the first day of tryouts/practice (After December 3, 2019). 
It is also required if you are submitting a new Athletic Pre-Participation Physical Form, based on an exam that is more than 90 days from the first tryout/practice (Before September 3, 2020).  
This form must be downloaded, printed, completed by a parent/guardian and uploaded to Genesis for review.
Please Note: Vision exam results are required as part of the Athletic Pre-Participation Physical Form (APP)  submission. If your child has their eyes examined by the physician completing the APP and they documented the vision exam results on the APP, then you do not need to provide anything more. If your child has their eyes examined by someone other than the physician completing the APP Form, please use the Vision Exam Results Form to submit. For example, an ophthalmologist, optometrist, or optician may complete this requirement. If the examiner has their own form, you may upload that. This is not a prescription, but visual acuity results. Download, print, complete and then upload the form to Genesis for review.

Step 3. Complete IMPACT testing 
All incoming Freshmen, Juniors or first time athletes, must complete cognitive testing, known as IMPACT Testing, in order to get medically cleared for athletic participation. (Marching Band and Color Guard members do NOT need to do IMPACT testing). This online examination must be done at home, on a computer and takes 30-40minutes.  Please see the information on the Ridge Athletics webpages for information on how to login and do the test.


Step 4. Check Genesis for Status Updates
Updates to the status of your athletic submission can be viewed on the Athletics Tab on Genesis. Please check your emails for any communications regarding issues with your submission. The earlier you submit your registration, forms and complete IMPACT testing, the sooner the likelihood you will receive medical clearance. Once your child is fully cleared you will see a check mark indicating that he/she is “Cleared for Fall Athletics”: ✅

Information on Getting an Examination
We realize that if you have not had an annual examination, depending on your private physician’s office hours, it may be difficult to get an appointment. There may be changes coming from the NJDOE to this regulation but until we hear otherwise, we must follow the state guidance on this requirement. At this time, physical exams are still required to be completed within 365 days of the first tryout/practice. If you need an examination in order to get the forms completed there are a few options:

  1. Contact your private physician to secure an appointment for an athletic physical. They can tell you what they are doing regarding examinations
  2.  Contact the Ridge High School school physician, Dr. Marc Silberman, at NJ Sports Medicine in Gillette. Dr. Silberman will be scheduling physicals in his office for students as office hours allow. There is a fee for the exams which includes completion of forms. Bring a blank form with you. NJ Sports Medicine  908-647-6464
  3. Contact a local urgent care facility to schedule an athletic physical.  Make sure that the examiner has completed the NJ State Professional Development Module that allows them to complete medical forms.  Bring a blank form with you for completion.
  4. Some examinations cannot be done, due to insurance requirements, unless it has been a year from teh last exam.  if that ist he case, your choice is #2 or #3 above or to submit your forms later than the due date of July 15th.  While we understand this issue, we are reviewing hundreds of forms so we cannot guarantee that your forms will be reviewed and cleared if you submit them after July 15th


Ridge High School Athletics Webpage:

Questions about registration: Contact Athletic Secretary Judee Schroeder at

Questions about the athletic physical: Contact Nursing Coordinator Rita Zarabara at

Questions about IMPACT testing: Contact an Athletic Trainer Aimee Mitchell at OR Scott Hoagland at

Questions about the Unified Sports Program: Tara Cantagallo at