New Physical Packet
All student athletes must submit a New Physical Packet that has a date of exam that is within 365 days of the first tryout/practice. Vision exam results must be documented on the form.

Update Physical Packet
If a New Physical Packet is on file and still within 365 days of the first tryout/practice then only a two page Health History Update is required.  If an examination is submitted with the date of exam being more than 90 days from the first tryout/practice then a two page Health History Update Form is also required which includes parent permission to play the sport.

Registration Packet (only if not completing online registration)

Please complete and submit pages 14-19 of this packet to the Athletics Office.  This is only IF you choose NOT to complete an online registration on

Vision Exam Results Form
This form may be used by your eye examiner to document visual acuity if the exam was not done and documented on the Athletic Pre-Participation Physical Form.