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12 Keys Club Sarah Mueller 1st&2nd Thurs. and 3rd&4th Wed 2:30pm Room 410
A New Vision (ANV) Club Daria Kuscenko Wednesday 7:05am Room 408
Academic League Joshua Gebhardt Thursday 2:30pm Room 529
Acts of Kindness Jackie Treanor
Alliance for Young Social Enterpreneurs Fiorella Bologno Friday 7:00am Room 213
American Sign Language Club Jennifer Kang Tuesday 7:00am Room 214
Amnesty International Club Colleen Bodine Every other Tuesday 7:10am Room 724
Animal Protectors Club Stephanie Wilpiszeski/Tricia Coto Every 2nd and 4th Friday 7:10am Room 301
Animation Club Laura Phillips Tuesday 7:00am Room 622
Anti-Stigma Club Sarah Mueller Thrusday 7:00am Room 410
Art Club Jim Hamant Monday 2:30pm Room 621
Biology I Science League Stephanie Wilpiszeski Thursday 2:30pm Room 301
Biology II Science League Stephanie Wilpiszeski Wednesday 2:30pm Room 301
Brain Bee Club/Chemistry Club Margaret Mitchell Thursday 7:00am Room 509
Career Club Scott Thompson Thursday 7:00am Room 411
Chemistry I Science League Margaret Mitchell TBA 7:00am Room 509
Chemistry II Science League Margaret Mitchell TBA 7:00am Room 509
ChessClub Diane Reilly Every other Thursday 2:30pm Room 525
Christian Fellowship Barbara Erickson Monday 7:00am Room 624
Class of 2019 Chiara Kupiec/Dawn Piper 1st Tuesday of the Month 6:50am Room 207
Class of 2020 Marguerite Cahill/Kimberlee Sweet
Class of 2021 Emily Lipnick/Janine Quimby
Class of 2022 Danielle Lehmann/Lauren Baker
Collegium Musicum Jennifer Curran Wednesday 2:30pm Room 223
Computer Science Club Mark Galesi Wednesday 7:00am Room 701
Culture Connection Club (formerly Diversity Council) Allison Greer Every other Friday 7:10am Room 707
Devil's Advocate (Newspaper) Dan Norris Tuesday 7:00am Room 730
Devil's Quill (Literary Magazine) Kristin Thorpe/ Philip Pernice Wednesday 7:00am/2:30pm Room 703
Diverstiy Council Allison Greer
Doctors Without Borders Jennifer Keeling Every other Wednesday 7:10am Room 512
Drama Club Martha Harvey Daily during Performance Season 2:45pm Lecture A
Economics Club Barbara Dwyer Wednesday 7:00am Room 724
Education for All Club Patricia Tamangini Thursday 7:05am Room 535
Embrace Kids Michael Tong Monday 7:00am Room 505
Fall Play Martha Harvey TBA TBA TBA
Fed Challenge Club Barbara Dwyer Tuesday 2:30pm Room 724
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (Non-Athletes welcome) Susan Kennedy Thursday 7:00am Room 515
Feminists of Ridge Club Janine Quimby every other Friday 7:00am Room 708
Forensics Team (Speech and Debate) David Yastremski Monday/Wednesday/Friday TBA TBA
French Conversation Club Joelle Gozlan Every other Wednesday 7:00am Room 206
Future Doctors of America Dan Smith Every other Thursday 7:10am Room 313
Gender Sexuality Alliance Club Tara Cascarelli Wednesday 7:00am Room 711
Girl Up Club Sireen Hashem Every other Wednesday 7:00am Room 536
Green Team Sarah John Monday 2:30pm Room 410
Guitar Club Raymond Schnell/Matthew Blackman Thursday 2:30pm Room 306
Habitat for Humanity Jennifer D'Armiento
Hearts for Human Rights Club Natasha Doski
Hope Autism Club Sean Ulichney Wednesday 7:00am Room 624
HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) Michael Tong Tuesday 7:10am Room 505
Jazz Band Dan Zugale TBA TBA TBA
Junior Classical League (Latin Club) Joshua Gebhardt Wednesday 7:00am Room 529
Junior Friends of Matheny Danielle Presuto Thursday 7:00am Room 414
Key Club Mary Piasecki Every Other Monday 7:00AM Room 530
Kids for Peace Greg Zande Every Other Friday 7:00am Room 530
Legwork for Lungs Mark Galesi Monday 7:10am Room 701
Make-A-Wish Greg Zande Every Other Thursday 7:00am Room 530
Marching Band/Color Guard/Winter Guard Dan Zugale TBA TBA TBA
Mary's Meals Dan Smith Thursday 7:10am Room 313
Math League Ti m Meyer Thursday 7:10am Room 512
Mock Trial Club Heidi Fox/Steve Kohut Tuesday/ Thursday (Until January) 7:00am/2:30pm Room 211
Model UN Kimberlee Sweet/Carrie Capozzi Wednesday 2:45pm Room 630
More Than Me Club Colleen Bodine Every other Thursday 7:10am Lecture Hall B
National Art Honor Society Wendell Jeffrey Monday 7:00am/2:30pm Cafeteria (AM)/ Room 620 (PM)
National Honor Society Michael Gilmore/Marguerite Cahill TBA TBA TBA
National Honor Society for Dance Arts (NHSDA) Rachel Miranda Thursday 2:30pm Ridge Dance Studio
National Science Honor Society Margaret Mitchell TBA TBA TBA
Ocean Cleanup Club Mary Centore
Origami Club Kristin Thorpe Tuesday 7:00am Room 402
Percussion Ensemble and Indoor Percussion Joe Keefe TBA TBA TBA
Physics Club Jessica Musumeci Friday 7:00am Room 506
Physics I and II Science League Michael Gilmore Wednesday Room 502
Project Adventure Peer Leaders(PAPL) Kim Clark/Tim Howard
Project SunshineClub Mark Galesi Every other Thursday 2:30pm Room 709
Reach Out-Get Ready Colleen Bodine TBA TBA TBA
Red Cross Club Mary Centore/Jennifer D'Armiento Tuesday 7:00am Room 723
Relay For Life Club Natasha Doski
Ridge Ambassadors (formerly PALS) Maureen Rodgers Thursday 7:15am Counseling Conference Room
Ridge Anime Club TBA
Ridge Business Club (formerly F.B.L.A. -Stock Exchange) Heidi Fox / Steve Kohut Thursday 7:05AM Room 211
Ridge Cancer SupportClub Mary Jane McNally Every other Tuesday 7:00am Room 411
Ridge Cyber Patriots Club J.P. Mahoney TBA TBA TBA
Ridge Dance Collective Rachel Miranda Friday 2:45pm Ridge Dance Studio
Ridge Dance Team Rachel Miranda Tuesday 2:30pm Ridge Dance Studio
Ridge Ethics Club /Bowl Competition Marguerite Cahill/Lauren Vail Thursday 7:00am Room 630
Ridge Exploration for Political Participation - R.E.P.P. Carrie Capozzi Every other Thursday 2:30pm Room 211
Ridge Health Futurist Club Daniel Norris Thursday 2:30pm Room 534
Ridge International Dance Ensemble Fiorella Bologno Thursday 2:30pm Room 213
Ridge Mu Alpha Theta Math Club Tim Meyer Friday 7:00am Room 512
Ridge Peer Organization (RPO) Jackie Treanor/ Linda Cuccaro Every other Tuesday 7:15am Counseling Office
Ridge Political Review Dennis Drake 3rd Monday of each month 7:00am Room 534
Ridge Productions (formerly Photo/Video Club) William Ortega Tuesday/Friday 2:35pm Room 615
Ridge Service Organization Carrie Capozzi
Ridge Social Skills Club Wendy Schlosser Monday/Tuesday/riday 2:30pm Room 720
Ridge TACC (Technology & Computer's Club) Mark Dotta Tuesday 2:30pm Room 623
Room to Read Jessica Musumeci Wednesday 7:15am Room 506
Rubik's Cube Club Michael Tong Monday 7:10am Room505
Salvation Army Club Tara Cascarelli Every other Thursday 7:15am Room711
Science Olympiad Club Jeffrey Stellitano Friday 2:30pm Room 309
Spring Musical Martha Harvey TBA TBA TBA
South Asian Culture Club Mary Fairbanks Friday 7:00am Room 611
Stage Crew Jason Stewart TBA TBA TBA
StemXX Cindy Athanasiou Every Thursday Before School Room 614
Student Government/Council Linda Cuccaro/ Jackie Treanor TBA TBA TBA
Support Your Troops Club Jennifer Lamberti Wednesday 7:10am Room 534
Tabletop/RPG Club Justin Satter Monday 2:30pm Room 404
Therapy Dog Club Peggy Wu Tuesday 7:15pm Room 630
Toastmasters International Club Raymond Schnell Tuesday 7:00am Room 306
Tri-M National Music Honor Society Jennifer Curran Friday 2:30pm Room 223
UNICEF - Ridge Chapter Dan Norris Wednesday 7:00AM Room 230
USA PrideClub Mark Galesi TBA 7:10am Room 701
USABO (USA Biology Olympiad/Science Competition Club) Michael Tong Thursday 2:30pm Room 505
Wellness Club Scott Thompson Tuesday 7:00am Room 630
World Language Club Samy Aref Variable Thursdays 7:00am/2:30pm Room 213
Yearbook Jessica Demcsak/ Theresa Emma Monday/Tuesday 2:30pm Room 419
Yearbook (EDITORS ONLY) Jessica Demcsak/ Theresa Emma Wednesday 2:30pm Room 419
Young American for Freedom Club Alex Ballas Every other Tuesday 7:10am Room 524
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