Ridge High School Injury Policy

  1. Anytime a student athlete goes to a doctor/is referred to a doctor for an injury/health issue, you MUST provide a related note to the athletic trainers stating any limitations and also stating clearance to participate.
  2. The coach MUST fill out an injury report if a related incident/injury happened during Ridge Athletics so appropriate paperwork can be done by athletic trainers.  
  3. All communication related to injuries should be done with the athletic trainers. Coaches are not to be given medical notes.You may share whatever information you feel comfortable sharing about your child’s injury/illness with their coaches but all documentation and communication must come to the athletic trainers.


Ridge High School Concussion Policy

  1. Any athlete that sustains a head injury and/or experiences signs/symptoms of a concussion, will be referred out to a physician. The athlete will be provided with documentation to take to the visit.  If/When your child is diagnosed with a concussion, please provide a doctor’s note to the athletic trainers.
  2. Athletes diagnosed with a concussion must complete a Return to Play Protocol.
  3. Return to Play Protocol: Your child MUST be symptom free for 7 days.  During this time, a post Impact test needs to be done with the athletic trainers. Once he/she has completed the 7 days of being symptom free, they will need to do a 5 day exertional protocol with athletics trainers.  
  4. Athletes can only return to practice and games once the entire protocol is completed and a clearance note from your physician is provided to the trainers.The school doctor will also sign off on final clearance to return to competition.  


Sport Specific Booster Club Policy

Please refer to the sport specific booster club policy linked HERE

Heat Acclimatization Policy

The heat-acclimatization period is defined as the initial 14 consecutive days of preseason practice for all student-athletes.



Heat and Humidity Participation Policy

Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) is utilized at each outdoor practice to provide guidelines for ratio of workout time to time allotted for rest and hydration.


Cold Water Immersion Tub Policy

A comprehensive, detailed Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for most catastrophic scenarios, including heat injury.



Cold Weather Policy

Guidelines on cold weather athletic participation



Lightning Policy

These guidelines provide a policy for making decisions concerning the suspension and restarting of practices and contests based on the presence of lightning or thunder.

Tobacco, alcohol, drug, and steroid procedures for athletics

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